Why Not To Consume Alcohol During Pregnancy? - Connect with Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre

This remained a question for many they should drink or not while expecting a baby. 

Based on research, pregnant women and those trying to get pregnant need to evade alcohol entirely until after the baby is born. In spite of all the varying guidelines, there is absolutely no secure amount of alcohol consumption during pregnancy. The reason is that drinking alcohol of any type throughout pregnancy can lead to premature labor, an array of developmental issues be it physical, mental, and emotional disabilities and disorders in the baby, and even sometimes miscarriage. If a lady thinks she may be pregnant, she must stop drinking and refrain from imbibing during the pregnancy. If you are addicted, it is recommended to help from an Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre

Risks of Drinking While Pregnant

Some of the physical risks of consuming alcohol while pregnant:

  • Sexually transmitted infections (STIs), based on the infection, may harm the pregnancy.
  • Injuries, such as falls, lead to miscarriage
  • Malnutrition
  • Seizures
  • Breast cancer, liver, mouth, and esophagus


Some of the psychosocial risks of consuming alcohol while pregnant:

  • Issues with the partner or spouse
  • Work disability
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sexual assault
  • Child neglect or abuse
  • Domestic violence
  • Drive a vehicle under the influence
  • Trading sex for drugs
  • Suicide or self-destruction


Alcohol misuse for females who are looking to get pregnant makes sure that they can also threaten fertility. If you are hoping to get pregnant or someone in your contact who is currently pregnant is abusing alcohol should talk to the doctor straight away. Experts at Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in India can help you act or take steps to minimize the possibility that your child is further exposed to alcohol inside you.

What happens if mothers drink during pregnancy?

Babies who get exposed to alcohol even prior to they are born can:

  • Be smaller than other non exposed to alcohol babies; and
  • Have irregularities in their faces — like small or narrow eyes and a thin or flat upper lip.


If infants get exposed to vast amounts of alcohol prior to their birth may go via withdrawal in the first few weeks of life. The withdrawal may even get begin before they leave the hospital. Some  symptoms are:

  • Extreme irritability (or fussiness);
  • Shaking or tremors;
  • Feeding issues; and
  • Diarrhea.


They may suffer from issues related to their heart rates, breathing problems, or indigestion.

Many infants exposed to alcohol being in the womb turn out fussy and even find it difficult to cope. Most importantly, all such infants may also face problems while sleeping. All such issues may last for years.

Tips to Neglect Alcohol While Expecting Baby

  • Stay busy in activities that can fill the time, have fun, or relax
  • Exercise—practice prenatal yoga
  • Try self-care, like meditation
  • Stay hydrated, consume fruity drinks, can also add flavor enhancers to water
  • Neglect social gatherings that involve alcohol
  • Do not bring alcohol into your home
  • If needed, join a support group that can help you avoid drinking
  • Find Best Rehabilitation Centre to get help from a doctor or therapist


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