How we run

1. Detoxification for individual with substance  use disorder

2. Behavioral & Psychological Management for individual with psychiatric disorder

3. Pre evolution

4. Case history

5. Case discussion with expertise panel of psychiatrist & psychologist

6. Case allotment to psychologist

7. Case presentation by appointed psychologist to expertise panel

8. Rapport estabpshment

9. Psychological testing

10. Individual counselling session (Every alternate day or as on required)

11. Group counselling ( Per day 5 counselling )

12. Group Therapy – discussion amount the psychologist for the therapies conducted and to be conducted.

13. Recreational Therapy

14. Psychiatric follow up

15. Physician Follow up

16. Family counselling – psycho education about illness & relapse prevention plan

17. Workshops for family

18. Workshops for resident (Inhouse Patient)

19. After discharge care program and follow up

20. Workshops for & by recovering individual with substance use disorder