Our Values

Our Motto

1. Offering psychiatric & de-addiction services to the society
2. Breaking myth of the society
3. Keeping the ethical values
4. Nurturing human talents through creativity
5. Training residents for vocation & financial management
6. Making our rehab institute one of it best by expertise services
7.  Educating society regarding mental illness & addiction

Our Vision

To become the place of love, care and integrated service of commitment and humanity by providing person focused service with purpose and performance so that behavioral patterns of life can be recovered with warmth and dedication for easy access in the community.

Our Mission

To provide optimum care focusing on individual path of respect, recovery, mental health, innovative practices, educating families and communities through professional skills and expertise.
Core values:
1. To integrate with the community
2. To provide healing environment to clients
3. To provide individual identity and social acceptance
4. To provide resilience
5. To maintain ethics

Quality Policy

We at Ankur Rehab are committed to provide service that promotes mental health and fosters good relationship by nurturing hope in the clients for the healthy living and integration in the community by maintaining mutual trust, shared purpose and also striving for improvements in all perspectives areas.