Special program

1.  Alcohol Anonymous (A:A)/ Narcotic Anonymous (N:A) Programme :- 12 steps program is very effective for substance use disorders

2. Bio Feedback

3. Intensive short term dynamic psycho therapy

4. Client centered psychotherapy : Client sharing problem & find solution with the help of counselor

5 .Physical therapy

6. 1:1 counselling

7 .1:1 psychotherapy

8. Group counselling

9. Neuro linguistic therapy

10. Clinical Hypnosis

11. Cognitive Behavioral therapy

12. Cognitive retraining therapy

13. Insight oriented therapy

14. Nerve stimulation therapy

15. Physiotherapy

16. Behavior modification

17. Rapport building

19. Free association

20. Psychiatrist Evaluation and Drug Therapy

General Program

1. After discharge care program

2. Art Therapy: Free hand drawing, painting, sketches

3. Computer Training Program: Will enhance computer skills

4. Counselling: Individual, Group, Family

5. Dietician

6. Drama therapy: Overcoming of stage fear, improvement of expression

7. Education: help in continuing the studies who have left due to any reasons by available means

8. Financial Training: Money management

9. Horticulture: Gardening, watering plants, growing vegetables

10. Learning to relax

11. Meditation

12. Music Therapy: Include prayers, pstening & dance

13. Occupationaln Therapy: To enhance physical & cognitive abipty such as mehandi, stitching, knitting, embroidery, purse, cushion, bag making, soft toys, envelope, diya n earthen ware decoration, cooking, rakhi, mural, sculpture making, door decoration, door mates, pen holders

14. Painting & Hobby workshops

15. Psychiatric Consultation

16. Social Skill Training: Social functioning, acquisition of communication, problem solving, thought challenging skills, improvement in quapty of pfe

17. Vocational Training: Train them to earn bread & butter & support self & family