Good mental health is not only a condition of the absence of any diagnosable mental health problems in individual. But it is also a factor in individuals to be less prone to develop mental health issues. There is no litmus paper test to clear the absolute boundary between mentally healthy and unhealthy person. We all have some strengths and limitations in our personality. But there or some characteristics which are found in people having good mental
health these are.
 Have better adjustment and ability to adopt in new situations.
 Have ability to learn from experiences, observations and consequences of others and self behavior.
 They are reality oriented person and able to manage uncertain situations of day to day life.
 Have good sense of responsibility, decision making, planning, judgment and problem solving ability.
 Have ability to maintain healthy relationships, good social skills and sense of humor.
 Have self awareness, they know their limitations and strengths and choose their goal accordingly.
 They have level of anxiety, depression and stress only in proportion to the demands of current situations which make them more functional and growth oriented.
 They can manage critics better and also found able to motivate themselves. Have optimistic approach towards life and surroundings.
 Have better empathetic understanding. They have the ability to know and to regulate their own emotions as well as others too.
 They are assertive people. They have good communication skills.
 They think logically.
 They have satisfaction with self and life. They often feel that their life is meaningful and goal directed.
 They are fully fictional and productive person in their life.
 Have self introspection ability and have clear vision about their future.