Person with mental illness or mental health concern usually loss their level of functionality. They became dependent on others for their basic needs and living skills. They lose their job, not able to take house hold responsibilities, poor self care, not able to do their daily routine works. They lose their friends and social supports, having poor self esteem and confidence. They often feel inferior, embarrassed, marginalized and stigmatized. They have disturbed family relations. They found unable to empathies with others and also unable to express their own emotions adequately.
Overall their quality of life became poor and they feel that life is meaningless. It creates a sense of emptiness and dissatisfaction with life in people with mental illness.
Now the question is what is the solution? How can we help them to regain their efficiency? The answer is psychosocial rehabilitation. Psychosocial rehabilitation means to restore the capacity of the individual, who are overcoming with mental illness. Psychosocial Rehabilitation is a process of positive change which is generate with the help of trained professionals and experts team in the person who overcoming with mental illness. The goal of
psychosocial rehabilitation is to promote the life skills of person with mental illness and make them productive, functional and independent as per their potentiality and capacity. The features and functions of psychosocial rehabilitation are mentioned below.
 Psychosocial rehabilitation or psychiatric rehabilitation focus on the strengths of the person with mental illness not on their deficits.
 Professionals assess their capacity and strengths and areas of interests of the needy person. They identified target goal with the collaboration and active participation of the patients.
 Psychosocial rehabilitation focus on the overall social reintegration of the patients. They work on their social,
occupational and financial rehabilitation etc.
 Psychosocial Rehabilitation professionals work on the patients to improve their self esteem, self image, confidence, self care and quality of life.
 Psychosocial rehabilitation focuses on to improve patient’s family relationship by family therapy and psycho education.
They trained the family about do’s and don’ts. It also works to manage the stress and to develop better coping abilities of the caregivers.
 Psychosocial rehabilitation professionals work on the expressed emotions of the family members and create a
healthy family environment for the patients so that they can be more functional.
 Psychosocial rehabilitation focuses on to prevent the relapse by psycho education, work on drug adherence, providing knowledge of early sign detection of relapse to the caregivers and patients.
With the help of professionals, family and social supports system, patients can be a productive and functional person of the society. They can live their life with less dependency on others.