Indeed, it is troublesome to admit that your teen needs help with the addiction. But there are some difficulties that you may not be capable of solving as a guardian/parent. Some matters demand professional intervention or counseling.

Teens may need specialist counseling for behavior issues, mental health concerns, emotional intricacies, substance abuse problems,  traumatic experiences, stress, and relationship difficulties. Unfortunately, the more you wait to seek help, the more serious your teen’s issues can become. Therefore, it’s imperative to seek help as quickly as you can. 

Let’s learn more about the same and know when to reach one Best Rehabilitation Centres in India.

Is Your Teen Addicted or Experimenting?

At the very first stage, even before looking for a treatment facility, parents need to find out if their teen’s drug use is experimental or he/she struggles with addiction. Parents need to apprehend the difference between experimenting with alcohol or drugs and being addicted to these substances.

Teens in High school explore new levels of independence. Their routine activities might involve benign activities such as learning to drive and staying up late but may also involve nasty ones like experimental drug use.

The allure of the forbidden can be one of the great reasons most teens are interested in trying illegal drugs. However, only trying a substance does not make someone addicted; even there are many teens who try alcohol or drugs do not end up using them daily. That means, if your teen has an addiction, treatment is more recommended, not if they have tried alcohol or drugs once or twice.

Signs that Your Teen May be Addicted (Not Based on Clinical Criteria)

Acting Secretive 

Operating in a tight-lipped way that is out of the ordinary may symbolize that your son/daughter abuses substances. Staying out later than allowed with friends or locking the bedroom door more often, or answering general questions evasively are a few patterns of secretive behavior.

Variations in Body Shape 

Based on what your teen is taking, there may be physical changes to his or her appearance. For instance, your child may have bloodshot eyes, lose or gain weight, nosebleeds, wounds or track marks, and other changes that may be easily visible.

Poor Grades 

 Often, the first thing to suffer when teens begin to take drugs or drink alcohol is their grades. Over a period of time, you will notice a rapid decline in grades, or they may slowly get worse.

Changes Around The House  

Most teens leave definite physical indications that they are addicted to substances. For instance, a teen may reach home with a dented car that can’t be explained or may leave drug-related apparatus lying around or massive credit card bills, etc. Missing prescription pills may also be a clue that the teen is abusing drugs.

Changes in Habits  

Sudden decreased or increased appetite, a new group of friends, misbehavior to family members, and other changes in attitude may all be signs that a teen is using alcohol or drugs very often.

Confront the Teen that Needs Treatment

Conversing with your teen about his or her suspected drug abuse can be not-so-easy. Still, it’s an essential move towards your child’s recovery from addiction.

It’s vital to remain calm when confronting your child. Instead of accusing the teen of using drugs, try asking first. Importantly, don’t overreact or lash out if your child agrees to drug use. It may eventually lead your child to shut down and withdraw to confide in you. Showing that you are here to help them in seeking treatment can make them feel heard and understood.

If the teen refuses drug use, but you still doubt he or she is abusing the drug, you may want to reconsider conducting an at-home drug test by focusing on the above warning signs. Once your suspicions confirm, make your child seek professional aid.

And, as soon as you and your teen have the same thoughts about seeking treatment, it’s vital to support him or her healing journey.

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