4 Challenges Recovering Addicts Struggle With Regularly

Taking steps towards recovery, especially after severe addiction, takes guts, time, commitment, and a willingness to adapt and evolve.

Interestingly, if you’re in recovery, that means you’ve already accomplished one of the biggest challenges! Because accepting you are addicted and going for de-addiction treatment is the primary step to healthy days onwards.

Now it’s time to cross out some of the hurdles in the period of recovery. The process can be intimidating! However, along with the support of your peers, you too can continue to grow and transform.

It’s not only you. Many people face challenges during recovery. The reason is, addiction affects humans spiritually, physically, and mentally.

Today, we’re talking about challenges that you need to face with strength while making positive changes.

4 Common Challenges People Face in Recovery

Managing Stress and Cravings

Managing Stress and Cravings

The first and pronounced complexity you will feel is to learn to manage with new coping strategies. These tactics will help you control cravings for drugs or alcohol.

Thinking, how to do that? Well, in rehabilitation, the coping strategies become the new “normal.” But this takes practice and effort to become habitual.

You can stay in touch with counselors and therapists at Nasha Mukti Kendra in Indore. They can help you maintain the change. Having a supportive person by your side, be it your loved one or therapists, will be very useful for you.

Relationship Issues

Relationship Issues

It is seen that people who get sober and clean face trouble with relationships in the recovery period. It is because addiction damages most relationships, and when you’re trying to repair your relationships with family or friends, you may not know where to start.

Here again, experts at the rehabilitation centre can help. As they can help you work on yourself, you build new relationships with people you love.

Eventually, you will become a better and more responsible person, which further will build your bonds stronger. Be mindful that you can’t fix things overnight. Start by having patience and keep following the things you have learned at the centre.

Discovering Your Purpose

Discovering Your Purpose

It is not wrong to say that almost all patients feel that there is no purpose in their life. Of course, for so long, their only goal was to live alcohol-free; now, it’s difficult for them to manage their energy. Rehab makes recovering addicts fight this issue by pushing them to new sports and hobbies such as art, yoga, meditation, and music.

It helps patients find and develop new interests, hobbies, and social groups and after rehab.



It is usual for people to face loneliness and dilemma starting in recovery. They know they can not spend time with old friends who drink and use drugs, as it will likely slide back into old habits. At the same time, it is not easy to make new friends, too, instantly. So they constantly feel alone or abandoned.

Loneliness itself is a challenge as it drives a person to depression, boredom, and stress, which are definitely not suitable for the recovery period. In fact, social connection is a crucial element of recovery, so do not take loneliness lightly. To deal with it, you can try making friends within your recovery community. As they are souls, you went through treatment or who have gone through the same phase once in life; they will understand you better and share your commitment to sobriety.

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At Ankur Rehab Centre, India’s Best Rehabilitation Centre, we realize that there is no miraculous switch for dropping an addicted life immediately. Recovery is an ongoing process that involves everyday mental as well as physical challenges. Each of our rehab programs is drafted with an aim to help you develop the skills and cope with these challenges.

We aim to support you to defeat all the barriers that hinder you from living a drug-free life. To this end, we offer absolute, individualized de-addiction treatment programs that take a multi-pronged plan to recovery.

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