Our Specialty & Facilities | Ankur Rehab & De-addiction Centre, Indore

Our Speciality & Facilities

Our Speciality

Rehabilitation & Behaviour Management of Addicts

12 step programme counselling (individual & group) for addicts

Rehabilitation & Behaviour Management of mentally ill patients

Counselling (individual & group) to mentally ill patients

Psycho Therapies, Psychiatric & Physician Consultancy (OPD & IPD)

Psychometric Testing & Family Counselling (OPD & IPD)

Vocational Training & Occupational Therapy


Our Facilities

Detoxification – For Drug Addicts.

Psychological & Behavioural Management-For Addicts & For Mentally Ill patient.

Psychological Work up – Testing & Treatment.

Medical Treatment & Other Medical Facilities.

Emergency Care.

Pathological Collection Centre.

24*7 Ambulance Services.

Future Planning

Luxurious Senior Citizen Care Unit

Tertiary Care Unit for Senior Citizen & Psychiatric Patients

Super Specialty Mental Hospital

PG & Nursing Centre

Various Courses in the field of psychology

Expertise Training Courses


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