Best Rehab Centre for Drug & Alcohol Addicts | Nasha Mukti Kendra in Indore

How We Run

Functional Steps

Admission Counseling
Case History
Pre Evaluation
Detoxification for Individuals with addiction
Behavioral and Psychological management for individuals with psychiatric illness.

At Hospital

Admission Counseling
Behavioral Management

At Rehab Centre

History and MSE
Pre Evaluation
Case Allotment to & Presentation by Mental Health Professionals
Case discussion with expertise panel (Psychiatrists, Clinical & Rehabilitation Psychologists, Vocational Trainers, Special Educators)
Individual’s & Group Psychotherapy
Regular Physical & Psychiatric Follow Up
Recreation Therapy
Fortnightly case evaluation under expertise panel
Psycho education to the Family
Family Therapy
Vocational Training
Regular workshop for residents Patients (patients) & Families
After Discharge care and follow up
Workshop for & by recovered residents Patients

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