Daily & Special Activities for Residents | Ankur Rehab Centre, Indore

Our Activities

Daily Scheduled Activities

Personal Hygiene, Prayer, Morning Refreshment, Morning Walk
Yoga, Meditation, Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Tea, Dinner, Rest
Art and Craft Session, Therapeutic Session (Group Session -04 in a day)
Individual Session
Drawing and Painting, Dance and Music
Outdoor Activities
Motivational Movies and TV
Birthday Celebration (Monthly)


Focus area:
Mental Health: Awareness camps, Programs, Road-shows and fog media in villages, Slums, Charitable trusts. Rally Participations and Panel Discussion through experts, creating awareness in general mass via e-media.
Child Development: IQ TESTING, Learning Disabilities and other screening
Education: Lectures ,Seminars ,Workshops, Competitions, Awareness of International days related to mental health through poster, e-media, competitions, Role plays ,dramas, Puppet shows, Helping in school projects, Internships
Environment: Promotion of sustainable development through recycling municipal solid waste to compost manure, waste-water management through STP and using it for gardening and flushing. Thereby, helping in maintaining ecological balance via water harvesting and plantation.

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